Regular Courses

In Person or Online

3 Classes per week

  • 2 Course Book + 1 Practical class with Margarida or Online Class

4 Classes per week

  • 2 Course Book + 2 Practical classes with Margarida or Online Classes

5 Classes per week

  • 2 Course Book + 3 Practical classes with Margarida or Online Classes


(in person all levels)

Margarida’s Practical Classes are always surprising and are based on her vast experience of teaching Portuguese to Expats. They are given in a relaxed atmosphere, covering a lot of different subjects, games and activities.

These classes are essential for fast learning and will help you apply your language skills in real life situations. Margarida’s method is fun and dynamic and will occasionally be based using an artistic approach.

The aim of these Practical Classes is to acquire more language skills in a casual homestyle atmosphere that also brings different people together in a more social setting. It is a great opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and to practice and develop your language skills, ultimately gaining more confidence so that you can easily comprehend and speak effortlessly in everyday situations.


Tuesdays: 11.30/12.30           

Wednesdays: 10.30/11.30/12.30                            

Thursdays: 11.30/12:30

Express Course 28 Classes

  • Online or In Person
  • Fixed timetable
  • Minimum 5 lessons per week + 2 Practical or Online Classes

Package of Flexible Lessons

  • Individual Online or In Person
  • Students can schedule flexible lessons according to their needs
  • Lessons can be scheduled and cancelled with a 24 hours notice within the office hours.
  • Packages from 5 to 20 individual lessons  + Practical or Online Classes equal to your package

Package of 4 Monthly Practical or Online Classes

  • Online or In Person with maximum 6 students on a fixed timetable
  • 1 Practical Class with Margarida in Person or 1 Online Class per week


SÓ PRONÚNCIA  Just Pronunciation (Beginners) 

Beginner class focusing on learning and pronouncing Portuguese correctly.

Tuesdays 13.30

Vocabulary (Beginners)

Class focused on learning new vocabulary through a variety subjects and themes.

Mondays 12.30

Grammar Games (Upper Levels)

Fun and dynamic class to help you learn, develop and apply grammar to everyday situations.

Mondays 13.30

Active Language – Conversation  

Use your Portuguese in everyday situations.  Exercises in Improvisation, Role play Dialogues, Oral practice, Listening Comprehension, Common and Idiomatic Expressions.

Beginners: Thursdays 11.30   

Intermediate:  Wednesdays 12.30 

Advanced: Tuesdays 11.30

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