Regular Portuguese Course

These classes are scheduled on a fixed timetable. Any missed classes are not compensated.

Individual Regular Course

  • 1 Course Book Class + 1 Practical class 

Group Regular Course (maximum 4 students)

  • 2 Course Book Classes + 2 Practical classes

Individual Flexible Lessons or Express Intensive Course

  • FLEX PACK: Lessons can be cancelled and rescheduled the day before within office hours. Each package is individual and valid for 6 months.  

    EXPRESS INTENSIVE: Classes pre-scheduled on a fixed timetable. Includes additional PRACTICAL GROUP CLASS according to level.

  • Packages from 10, 15 or 20 individual lessons  

Practical Group Course (Fixed timetable)

Group Classes of 4+ students

2 Practical Group Classes per week

In Person or Online

PRACTICAL CLASSES at Margarida’s School

These Practical  classes are included in the Regular Group or Individual Course Portuguese course. Use your Portuguese in everyday situations.  Exercises in Improvisation, Role play Dialogues, Oral practice, Listening Comprehension, Common and Idiomatic Expressions.

Beginners Grammar            11.30

Portuguese Vocabulary       12.30

Grammar Games 1        11.30
Grammar Games 2        12.30

Active Language 1                            11.30

Cultura Portuguesa                           11.30

Pronunciation & Vocabulary w/Live Music          12.30 


These Practical  classes are included in the Regular Group or Individual Course


Active Language (Intermediate)        9.30 

Active Language (Advanced)          11.30

Beginners Pronunciation                 12.30

Active Language 1                           13.30

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