Ballet is a well-known classic dance style that develops and improves fine-motor skills, co-ordination, flexibility and posture as well as musicality and rhythm. It is a starting point and foundation for a variety of dance styles.

Lessons for kids and Adults.

16h30 – Ballet I (5 to 7 years old)
17h30 – Ballet II (8 to 10 years old)
18h30 – Ballet III (+11 years old)

10h30 – Fairies (3 to 5 years old)



Ballet is form of traditional dance that develops physical strength and flexibility, increases concentration and promotes an understanding of music and rhythm. From the age of 3 to 14 your child can benefit from age-appropriate ballet instruction. The physical benefits of Ballet include development of coordination, balance, alignment and strength. Training that involves precision, jumps and leaps, increases the heart rate, teaching endurance, resilience and promotes cardiovascular health in general. In addition to its numerous physical benefits, ballet improves children’s mental and emotional health by creating a sense of pride and triumph, which ultimately can heighten self-esteem. As children perfect challenging movement sequences, they experience self-confidence that can have a positive affect in other areas of their lives.

We offer distinct Ballet classes for all ages and levels. Ballet “Fairies” is an introductory basic Ballet class for children aged 3 to 5 that focuses primarily on simple disciplines of movement and co-ordination essential for the physical development of young children.

The primary Ballet classes are divided into three separate levels, Ballet I “Cinderellas” (5-7 years old), Ballet II “Copélias”, (8-10 years old) and Ballet III “Swans” (11+). These classes are based on the Cecchetti method and qualifiy for the final ballet exam accredited by the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).


The classes are led by teacher, Míchele Gonçalves who holds a Fellowship (highest teaching qualification) with the Imperial Society of Teacher’s of Dance (ISTD), Cecchetti Faculty, London, accredited junior examiner with the Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa and has a ballet teaching diploma from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. In 2009 she was invited onto the examining panel of the Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa and 2015, s was invited to train as a senior examiner.


The Cecchetti method is an exact and meticulous system drawn up with careful regard for the laws of anatomy and is designed to supply the body with all the qualities essential to the dancer: Balance, Poise, Strength, Elevation, Elasticity, Balance. The Cecchetti Method endeavours to achieve purity and accuracy in its classical style.

An essential part of the system is the set exercises according to each day of the week. This ensures that different types of steps are always practiced in a planned order, stretching and contracting each set of muscles to a carefully calculated degree.

Dance Classes

Alma Studio offers a range of fun and diverse dance styles. The classes are small with maximum 6 students per class with the minimum participation in each class being 3 students.

Currently, the most popular classes for children include Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop. We also provide Jazz and Contemporary dance classes that will begin once the minimum class requirement is reached.

Lessons for kids and Adults.

7.30 – Pilates
16.30 – Musical Theatre

9.30 – Move Your Body
 – Sevilhanas / Spanish Dance – Level 2
19.30 – Sevilhanas / Spanish Dance – Level 1

09.30 – Yoga
10.30 – Pilates
11.30 – Ballet Adults
15.30 – Disney Dance (Kids)
16.30 – Musical Theatre

9.30 – Move Your Body
– Belly Dance
16.30 – TAP Kids
16.30 – Musical Theatre

09.30 – Yoga
11.30 – Pilates
12.30 – Fit Pregnancy Workout

09.30 – TAP Kids
11.30 – Hip Hop (6-12)

Hip Hop

Telmo Santos, our wonderful teacher has a vast experience in teaching all sorts of hiphop moves and the kids and teenagers love his classes.

Hip Hop dance classes are a combination of several different styles of dance that incorporate old and new dance moves and styles like break dancing, popping, crumping and traditional jazz moves. An essential part of hip-hop dance is creative expression and improvisation that allowing kids to create their own dance combinations to the beat of the music. Hip Hop is an eclectic mix of dance styles that encourages kids to express their emotions through movement and greatly increases flexibility, balance, coordination, muscle development, builds self-confidence and overall is a fun and social activity.


11.30 am – 12.20 pm

Monthly fee: 36 euros
3 months: 96 euros



“Spanish Dance – Sevilhanas” is a traditional Spanish dance that is a colourful and exciting style danced in exact 3 / 4 rhythm. It is performed in pairs or groups of people and usually presented during traditional festivals.

It is a complete physical activity that combines movements of all parts of the body with focus on the legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck. It promotes greater muscular flexibility and increased blood flow to your extremities.

Level 2 – 18.30
Level 1 – 19.30


Tap dancing is a fast-paced high-energy rhythmic activity that is great for physical exercise especially for kids with lots of energy! Not only is it a great physical exercise that strengthens the legs and feet, it allows more flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. The sounds of taps are a great way for a child to be aware of the sounds they are making with the music while working together in unison with other kids in the class emphasising the importance of teamwork.

Move Your Body

Move your body is a super-fun dance workout that is designed for anyone! This multi style dance class keeps your body moving by adding your own style and personality, making every movement unique to your body. Each routine focuses on a couple of easy dance moves in different rhythms that work your whole body no matter what your fitness level. It is a casual class that aims to increase your physical stamina by maintaining constant movement engaging your whole body.

Wellness Classes

Virginia Helena is a Physical Therapist and is currently taking a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Lisbon, with emphasis on mapping brain areas that are active during complex movements of Classical Ballet. She has 12+ years of professional experience in the clinical field, working in Brazil, Colombia, The Netherlands, South Africa, United States and Portugal. She is the author of 2 books regarding brain regeneration through physical activity and has several scientific articles regarding motor learning, motor development and motor control.

Pregnant Women Workout

Pregnant Women Workout encourages regular exercise to boost metabolism, improve blood circulation, strengthen the pelvic muscles and ligaments to avoid lower back pain.


Pilates Mat Pilates is a series of floor exercises using controlled breathing for core strengthening and flexibility. It improves body awareness, muscle definition, flexibility, motor coordination and focus.


Stretching promotes circulation, builds muscle, improves flexibility and helps to prevent injury and muscle pain.

Creative Dance for Special Needs Children

Creative Dance for Special Needs Children includes children with mobility challenges, cognitive impairment, lack of coordination and delay in motor development.  Rhythmic activities and sequential movements involving posture, balance, dexterity and motor learning are extremely beneficial.  A creative approach is key for kids with autism and ADHD.

Workout Club Gold 60+

Workout Club Gold 60+  Ageing related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, Alzheimer and Parkinson can be prevented with physical activity. By exercising regularly, the natural ageing process is decelerated due to fast metabolism and creation of new muscle and bone cells.

Ballet Senior 60+

Ballet Senior 60+ is an art form requiring discipline and technique. Starting ballet later in life helps discover parts of your body never used before. It will improve balance, coordination, muscle strength, focus and  flexibility. It is an opportunity to explore and experience beauty and aesthetic

Musical Theatre

Pátio dos Artistas is a Musical Theatre course in English for children from ages 6 – 11 and for teens from ages 12 to 20. The course focuses on stage acting, dance and music and is completed with 2 performances on stage. The Performing Arts is a wonderful opportunity to develop multiple skills not only in the arts but also boosts confidence, discipline and encourages active teamwork. This year there are two separate shows in production “The GREATEST SHOWMAN” and “CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY”.

Rehearsals take place on a weekly basis, depending on the show, from 16.30 – 19.00 with one rehearsal per month on a Sunday from 15.00 – 18.00.

Join us by sending an email to showing your interest.

“Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”

Starting in February 2021

4:30 pm  – 7:00 pm
(all ages, 6 onwards)


“The Greatest Showman”

4:30 pm  – 7:00 pm
GROUP A – 11 to 20 years old

16h30 – 19h00
GROUP B – 4 to 10 years old

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