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Portuguese for Foreigners


Regular Course

fixed timetable

2 classes per week in a group (2 to 4 students)  
1 private class per week

+ 1 free class per week*

Express Course

minimum 20h - fixed timetable

1, 2 or 3 classes per day in a group of 1 to 3 students + 1 free class per week*
Minimum 5 classes per week.



Packages of Flexible Lessons

Students can schedule flexible lessons according to their needs. Lessons can be cancelled up to 7:00pm the day before.



Portuguese for Foreign Children




Children are very good at learning a new language, but it must be fun! Margarida has written a book "Olá, amigos!" for 7 to 10 year old children who need to learn Portuguese as a foreign language. It contains basic grammar exercises, vocabulary and easy stories to practise conversation. It is a workbook with games, puzzles, songs, pictures to colour in and other written exercises which children will enjoy while learning. It's like a colouring book full of fun activities!


* Free class per week:

Língua Activa - Use your Portuguese in everyday situations / Improvisation / Role play Dialogues/ Oral practice / Slang / Idiomatic Expressions. Listening Comprehension.

Só Pronúncia - Get rid of your foreign accent. Learn the correct pronunciation. Make yourself understood. Do you want to know what the Portuguese are talking about?

Cultura Portuguesa - As you explore the ways and moves of Portuguese society, and learn about the country's history, traditions and behaviour, you'll find yourself feeling more like a native than an expatriate.


Trimesters - 12 weeks                                        Holidays at Margarida's School

1st: Oct 1st - Dec 23rd                                          Christmas: Dec 24th - Jan 2nd

2nd: Jan 4th - April 1st                                     Carnival: February 8th - February 9th

3rd: April 4th - June 30th                                      Easter: March 21st - March 25th

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