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How do you decide which level I am?

When you come to the school one of our teachers will have a short interview with you to ascertain your level and place you in the appropriate group.  If you're having individual lessons this can be done as part of the first lesson.

Do you use European Language Levels?

Yes we do.  If you would like to assess your level click here.

Can I choose my timetable?

This depends on which course you choose and whether you want to join an existing group.  While we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs, Flexible, Express Courses and Individual lessons may be better options for those who have limited availability.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, Margarida's School will present you with an internal certificate.

Are all the teachers native speakers?

Yes, all our teachers are native speakers and highly qualified.

Can the school help me prepare for exams?

Yes, we have many students preparing for exams.

How big are the groups?

Groups have a minimum of two students and a maximum of four.

I am going on a business trip/giving a presentation, can the school help me prepare for this?

Yes, private lessons can be tailored to suit your needs.

How long is each lesson?

Lessons are 50 minutes long.

Can I cancel lessons?

Flexible lessons can be cancelled up to 7 pm of the day before the lesson, and will not be lost.  Other packages do not provide this flexibility.

Is the school open on Saturday?

Depending on the availability of the teachers, lessons can be given on Saturdays, however the office is not open.

Are books included in the price?

No, the majority of students choose to work with a book, those who are only having a few private lessons for specific purposes may decide not to.  The teacher selects the book for the course, and you can find out the price at the reception.

What happens if I'm the only person left in my group?

We will do everything we can to find another student for your group, however this is not always possible.  Until we find another student you have two choices: have one individual lesson per week for the same price as the two group lessons, or change to private lessons and pay the difference. 

What happens if I go on holiday?

Students with Flexible lessons have to use their package within 6 months, if you go on holiday let the teacher know and schedule a lesson when you come back.  Other courses have fixed timetables and as such lessons will be lost.

What happens with lessons during Margarida's School holidays?

Margarida's School closes for holidays at Carnival, Easter and Christmas. Lessons which fall on these dates will not be lost. For more information about these dates click here.

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