margarida's school

Escola de Línguas do Estoril

Estoril's Language School 


At "Casinha das Artes" we offer creative art workshops for children every Saturday from 11 am - 1pm, teaching various techiniques and styles. We encourage creativity and imagination which are an essential part of child development as well as interaction with international children from many countries.

We offer intensive art workshops and retreats for adults to learn and develop artistic skills and discover new approaches and methods to art. 

New Life in Portugal is an international social and business networking group that aims to bring together like minded people of all ages and nationatlities.

We offer fun practical sewing workshops for children.  Kids are introduced to various methods and techniques and have the opportunity to design and create their own pieces.

 Pátio dos Artistas  as part of the MUSICAL THEATRE ACADEMY is a children's musical theatre group that has produced over 10 shows with performances all in English.  The last production was  "The King and I".

The next production will commence in September 2019 .

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"The King and I"

Summer Program

Creative Sewing